If you return to only ten years ago you would barely recognise the technology folks were using. Mobile phones with polyphonic ringtones were seen as the height of in vogue tech, DVDs were the cool new way to see movies and the internet needed to dial up for a few minutes before you could browse.

With everything else moving along so quickly, it must come as no surprise that the boiler device you’ve had on your discard each of these years is no longer top of the line. In fact, there is an excellent chance that your old boiler is actively costing you money and depriving you of their cozy lifestyle people living in the 21st Century deserve.

You would not settle for a ten year-old tv or computer, and why do so many people put up with their older boilers when it has never been easier or more economical to replace it with a much better one?

If the idea of upgrading your system appeals to you personally, but you aren’t sure where to start then continue reading to have all your questions answered.

How can I know when I want my boiler upgraded?

There are quite a few telltale signs that emphasize when a gas burner is in need of a update. Boiler burner owners should keep an eye out for the following:

O Is the boiler’s fan making an inordinate quantity of noise?

O Can there be much less hot water pressure than there should be?

O Have some strange stains appeared close to your boiler?

If you’ve answered’yes’ to any of these questions then you need to receive your boiler serviced whenever you can and strongly consider upgrading to a high efficiency boiler to protect against the cases from reoccurring.

What’s a High Efficiency Boiler?

High efficiency (condensing) boilers obtained their name because of scoring an efficiency rating of 90% or more on the Home heating Appliances Register of Performance (HARP) database, which takes into account a boiler’s fuel consumption and overall running costs. This reduction in expenditure makes them very good in regards to offsetting the initial expense of installation.

Are there any grants I will avail of if updating my boiler?

Am I qualified for a boiler upgrade grant?

The boiler update grant is offered to homeowners whose houses were constructed before 2006. If you remain unsure as to whether or not your house qualifies you can get in touch with the SEAI through email, telephone (1850 927 000) or standard mail. The telephone service should offer an immediate answer, while the email support jobs to respond within a working day. Unfortunately, due to limitations in technology, the standard mail choice is considerably slower. It might take up to twenty days for clarification if this process is used.

How much can I save if I avail of this upgrade grant?

instaladores gas madrid seeking a full High Efficiency Oil / Gas Boiler upgrade can avail of a grant as much as the value of 560. Should you need your heating controls updated, but not the boiler you can still get $400 off the price.

What are the long term savings of upgrading to a High Efficiency Boiler?

Others have calculated called savings as high as a whopping 25% - a quarter off your total heating bill! From OFTEC’s more conservative calculations, the average home will have completely covered the expense of replacing their boiler within three and a half years of the first update.

Are there any other advantages I should know about?

In addition to the fiscal benefits of upgrading your boiler, enhanced safety is an added benefit. If your boiler isn’t burning fuel correctly there’s a risk that it might start to leak carbon dioxide (also referred to as CO gasoline ). Although this gas is invisible and has no taste or smell, it can be extremely dangerous when inhaled in massive quantities. If you are experiencing any unexplained nausea, drowsiness or headaches you need to have your boiler appeared at immediately by a skilled practitioner.

In large quantities, carbon monoxide inhalation could be fatal.

What qualifications should I look for in an engineer when having my heating system appeared at?

It’s illegal (not to mention dangerous!) They’ve a full database of installers that are registered on their website. Do not have your boiler serviced by someone without the proper credentials.

In the same way, technicians working on oil burners can be OFTEC registered. While desirable, it isn’t a legal requirement.

It is also very important to check that your contractor has liability insurance. This ensures that when any accidents occur during the installation procedure you will be covered.

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