A gas safety record is also called a certificate - a report which is given by a capable gas engineer proving that your piece of land gives allegiance to rules and regulations regarding safety. It documents all the safety checks that are performed on your gas installations, dates when they are to be checked and faults rectified or the faults that are to be rectified legally. It isn’t always that an engineer has to provide legal requirement to the report given but it would be an advantage if you appoint an engineer that can provide you report legally. It is very sensible to have all documentation regarding gas safety.

The legal requirements depend on for what the property is used and on the person who owns the property. By checking your duties you may save yourself from costly direct effect.

A gas certificate does not only show how responsible you are but also awareness. Also it is a plus point to the landlord and not the tenant. It is true responsibility of the documents rests only on the shoulders of the landlord. If you are a landlord then it is your duty to provide documents regarding all the checks done and the defaults rectified on timely basis.

instaladores gas madrid wants all the gas appliances in a property whether owned or rented must be checked annually and a record maintained and a copy of it must be given to the tenant.

However, there are certain dos and don’ts to be followed by landlord or the one in property management business.

• They must make sure that the gas meter and the cut off valve are easily accessible to the tenants.
• The tenants must at no rate carry out their own repairs of any kind, be it leak in the valve or in the pipeline.
• The tenants must switch off the gas supply and call an emergency number in case of leak.
• The tenants must at no cost use unsafe gas appliances.
• The tenants must allow the gas engineer entry to the house for check up or for maintenance with prior notice.

Landlord must allow only registered engineer to make gas installations and repairs if any.

One should keep in mind that badly maintained gas lines or appliances and leaks are great risk to health. It should be kept in mind that by keeping track of services save a lot of energy and eventually save a lot of money at the same time. It will not only cut down the energy consumption but keep everyone safe and sound

Very often, people have a wrong notion in mind and avoid gas check-ups if the appliance is working accurately, but this is a misconception, appliances do need regular services and cleaning to help them work efficiently for example if boiler are not cleaned regularly then they will have to consume more gas to produce same amount of heat. The end-result will be more gas bill plus risks to life.